How To Choose The Right Private School For Your Child

July 28, 2016

Sending your child to private school can help him or her get a better education. You can choose a school that matches the needs and abilities of your child. Before making a choice, however, it’s important to do thorough research. There are many private schools, each with its own requirements, curriculum, costs and educational philosophy. How do you identify the ideal school for your child?

Location of the SchoolAssuming that your child is going to be commuting back and forth to school every day, you will be considering schools in your own area. While you shouldn’t make location your main criterion, you must calculate the amount of time it will take for your child to get back and forth to school. Time spent driving or on the bus means less time for studying. If it’s a boarding school, you have to consider the time and cost of having your child go back and forth during vacations. Location is also something to remember if you’re considering a move to be close to your child’s new school.

Admission Requirements

Each private school has its own requirements for admission. Schools that are highly selective may require your child to take various tests. There may even be a waiting list for some schools. For demanding private schools, it’s important to prepare well in advance. If your child must take an admissions test, be sure to find out as much about this test as possible. That way you can prepare your child for the test. Make sure you’re diligent about sending in all applications and associated materials well before the deadline.

Identify the Best Educational Approach For Your Child

Private schools have a variety of approaches to education. Some are highly structured and emphasize hard work and discipline. At the other end of the spectrum are schools that believe in a freer, less structured educational philosophy. If your child is interested in a particular activity, such as sports or music, you want to make sure you choose a school that provides this activity.

Take the Time to Visit Schools

While you can learn a great deal about schools from the internet and catalogs, this is no substitute for visiting schools in person with your child. You should thoroughly inspect the school and grounds. Meet as many teachers and staff as possible. Observe kids in classrooms and during recess periods. Bring a list of questions and make sure that they are answered to your satisfaction. Both you and your child should feel comfortable before you select a school.

Choosing a private school is a major decision that will have a profound effect on your child’s life. You want to find a school that meets all of your family’s needs and that also fits your budget. The right school can provide a socially and intellectually nurturing environment for your child.

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